Having always been fascinated by people and their story, I guess that is why I create and am a fan of Figurative Art! Having worked in the graphics/ illustration/ 3D Animation field for many years, I like to combine realism with graphic boldness and street realness.

I paint strong, independent, sexy, powerful, women in other words Bad-Ass Chicks! My most recent series “War Paint and Curlers” speaks to women’s rights, struggles and part in the human condition. When first deciding that I wanted to get back into painting I intuitively gravitated toward Urban Realism but have recently been exploring more narrative and symbolism. Many of my pieces make political statements but I always try to make sure that the visual always dominates and invites.

In my life, there has been great progress for Women in our world but we are living in a climate where so much of what we have fought for in my life is under attack and there is still so much inequality and abuse in other parts of the world. As women, we must be more vigilant than ever to protect and champion our civil rights. I just hope that my paintings can shed a light on our complexity, our strength, our humanity and create empathy in the viewer while being visually engaging.