Donna Bates Artist Statement 2019

Having always been fascinated by people and their story, I guess that is why I create and am a fan of Figurative Art!  I try to create big, dramatic, sultry, sexy statements.

Having worked in the graphics/ illustration/ 3D Animation field for many years, I have created my own mash-up style of urban, tough-chic edgy strong independent humans or “BadAsses”.

My muses aren't traditional pin-ups nor portraits, they are a different vision of power and sex flavored with leather, metal, graffiti and fantasy!

Many of my paintings speak to human rights, struggles and part in the human condition. As individuals, we must be more vigilant than ever to protect and champion our civil rights. I just hope that my paintings can shed a light on our complexity, our strength, our humanity and create empathy in the viewer while being visually engaging.